Screenprint   Size 56 x75 cm

Proposed edition size of 25

£50 Deposit / £150 Full Price

I’m looking for 5 backers to support the editioning of a new screen print titled Capella  - plus if you are interested -  take part in the process of printing.

  • Each person will pay £150 and receive one of the first 5 numbered prints of the edition.
  • This is an opportunity to buy the work at a 50% discount and be involved in the creative process. 
  • Support the artist and creation of the edition and have a wonderful new artwork for your home.

 Lets Do it !

Capella is a two colour abstract screenprint   inspired by drawings of my umbrella plant which has been a constant companion since I left home in 1986 to go Camberwell Collage of Art. When I started the project last year I was unaware it was our 30th anniversary !

Working from drawings, paintings and experimenting with paper cuts and mono prints then committing stencils to screen to explore colours and compositions. 

I'm now at the stage where I have my Trial Colour Proof (TCP)   and I'm ready to edition.

It would be wonderful if you could be part of this .

Dates:  Saturday September 2nd   Join me in the studio and take part in the initial screenprinting   of your print.

Thursday 14th September Signing up of the edition and hand-over ! If you are unable to collect your print in person - it can be delivered to you at reasonable cost of Post and Packaging to be agreed.

If you'd like to be one of 5 patrons - please follow this LINK to the shop where you can pay a £50 deposit with final payment of £100 on 2nd September.

 Lets Do it !

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Thanks Lara