Park Royal Medical Practice at Central Middlesex Hospital London

New Beginnings (2018) is the title of the artwork commissioned by ByCentral and CMHP  for  a large wall mural and 3 glass panels  for the new Park Royal Medical Practice at Central Middlesex Hospital which opened in March 2018. 

There are two themes in the work, Landscape is part of the hospital's ongoing brief and  New Beginnings was chosen to represent the ambitious regeneration plans for the area and a positive start for the two GP clinics which have come together to form Park Royal Medical Practice.

The Union Canal was an obvious starting point. Using the bends and curving shapes formed by the waterways to create an abstract landscape inhabited by wildlife typical to the area.  I chose Spring to inspire the colours and subject matter. 

I visited the hospital and the surrounding area of Park Royal, drawing and sketching the waterways and local wildlife, and spent time researching the history of the hospital. 

 Ideally, in any commission I want to visit and do drawings on location as a place is a rich starting point for ideas and connections.  There are stories to unearth during the course of a visit. What I see and experience will come into the work, in small ways and in this case suddenly spotting a heron was an unexpected and meaningful surprise, a symbol of a brighter future.

The materials and technics I used here are cut-out paper shapes,  textures found and created,  painting in watercolour and ink. The elements are then bought together digitally and assembled in the final artwork which is printed onto  vinyl using grand format printing and installed by specialist Coloursonic.